Welcome to Magdalene Sanctuary

Awaken the Power of Your Feminine Soul & Priestess Your Life, in Sisterhood on The Magdalene Path.

Are you a sister with a soul hunger to activate and embody your Divine Feminine within? Welcome!


Reclaim the lost, hidden mysteries of Mary Magdalene to deepen your mystic life on The Magdalene Path.  

Why Magdalene? She's far more important than we were taught: she's a wayshower of Divine Feminine magic, a guide for inner union and balance with the Sacred Masculine.  And she's available to you now more than ever!

Rise, sister, rise! 

Entering our Sanctuary you'll find a community of mystics, priestesses and wild spiritual women gathering to awaken Feminine Soul. Our power is in sisterhood, together.
Feel the uplift.

Magdalene Sanctuary + Rose Soul Salon + Temple Garden

Three nested communities  = your soul's home base!

Magdalene Sanctuary is FREE and includes:

  • Private community sister share space to post questions, altar images, sacred art, poems... whatever you are creating, curious or inspired by
  • Magdalene Mysteries Monthly themes  seasonal or energetic topics & themes for us to orient around
  • Perspective / Philosophy / Foundations of The Magdalene Path shared by Claire Sierra, MA
  • Art, images, poems, etc. as prompts for exploration and discussion
  • Magdalene Messages - Exclusive Divine Downloads, Magdalene Path book excerpts and author previews by Claire
  • Bibliomancyusing The Magdalene Path or other books or decks as oracle
  • Access to Rose Temple themes & previews
  • Access to Magdalene Path Book Club themes & previews.
  • Special member access to private live and virtual events

Rose Soul Salon includes EVERYTHING in Magdalene Sanctuary, PLUS

  • Monthly access to live Magdalene Rosary Prayer Circle
  • Monthly Magdalene Path Book Club exploring a different chapter every month. With posted Book Club questions to dive deeper in conversation in community, or on your own.  Weaving in new arrivals seamlessly so no one feels behind or left out.
  • Private Live Magdalene Path Book Club Discussion Group -Explore and discuss curated questions via Zoom or in this platform, (Date and time TBD)
  • Easy Replay Access: All group sessions recorded, with replays posted here so you can participate in your own divine timing, or when you need a burst of Sacred Feminine energy.

Temple Garden includes EVERYTHING in Magdalene Sanctuary & Rose Soul Salon PLUS

  • Monthly Rose Temple - Your live deep dive into Divine Feminine Soul led by Arts Therapist, Spa Priestess, and Magdalene Path author/founder, Claire Sierra, MA
  • Live Pop-Up Conversations for Q&A with Claire Sierra, MA
  • Replay recordings of all sessions, so you can participate in your own divine timing, or when you need to review or nourish your weary soul with Feminine energy.
  • Inside Circle: Be the first to hear of new offerings and announcements
  • Discounted Magdalene Path programs & private sessions with Claire
  • Special discounts on Magdalene Path programs & private sessions with Claire
  • Exclusive early access or member pricing to private in person and virtual events

Your Magdalene Sanctuary Guide

Hi! I'm Claire Sierra, MA, LFT, mystic-priestess of Magdalene,  author/founder of The Magdalene Path. I'm an arts therapist, soul guide, and sisterhood creatrix. 

For decades at in-person & on-line events sisters have repeatedly shared their love of learning the Magdalene mysteries and  fulfilled longing for sister connection. So I created this space for you and me. 

I also lead private session and retreats at the boutique Spa Sanctuary at the Balch Hotel in Columbia River Gorge of Oregon.

 (You can read more about me, here.)

Feel the Power. Embody the Presence.

Awaken your connection with Mary Magdalene and embody the mystic/priestess within. Realize and express the personal fulfillment you long for in life, in community. While we all walk our own path, you're supported by allies in sisterhood, who share your interests and passions for the Divine Feminine.

Connect with community of quirky, creative, mystical souls who support and inspire you in staying true to the path of your wild Feminine Soul.

Ready to Join a Circle? Get Started Now

Join a circle of like-minded women (and a few awesome men) who share your interests, desires and devotions in walking The Magdalene Path. 

 You'll find fabulous resources that speak to your Divine Feminine interests and soul hunger. Each level offering just what you need, as you want it. And possibly even more important than resources is access to connection and support.

You'll see the choices in the sidebar under Membership Groups.
The next step is to explore and choose. Tune to your inner knowing, and go for it.
Once your membership is received you'll gain access to the free and private areas of the sanctuary. 

We're still building this, in our organic feminine flow fashion. You can be part of this co-creation! Come say hello, we're excited to welcome you! Any questions? Message us through this platform.

Blessings of the Rose,  

Author/Founder of The Magdalene Path